What do our participants think about social justice, climate change, abolition and so much more? 

We’ve collaborated with artist Emily Simons to create vibrant portraits of our Social Justice Portal Project Fellows. Along with each of the portraits, there are quotes from our fellows on various issues of social justice.

Portrait of Angela Y. Davis. Artwork by Emily Simon.

“We must break out of the assumption that we develop our strategy first, and then reach out for solidarity globally. American analysis is so provincial, especially on fascism. We don’t consider our impact on the world.”


Portrait of Robin D. G. Kelley. Artwork by Emily Simon.

“Can the question of how capitalism ends be grappled with in relation to the question of how we change current power arrangements locally, nationally, and globally?”


Portrait of Naomi Klein. Artwork by Emily Simon.

“Climate justice has to start with the core injustice of where most emissions come from and where their devastating impacts are mostly felt. How does racial capitalism fit into a global analysis of elite failures to act in the face of climate breakdown?”


Portrait of Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. Artwork by Emily Simon.

“Racial capitalism has become an extremely capacious term, so we need to figure out what we mean when we use it today. Clearly people are using it to emphasize the relationship between racism and capitalist extraction, but we can reach a common understanding.”


Portrait of Christiane Gomes. Artwork by Emily Simon.

“COVID is impacting Black and poor people; vaccines are treated as commodities. Capitalism and life are at cross purposes. How, then, to conquer minds and hearts to build new frameworks? Solidarity, affection, and a desire for change can bring new possibilities.”



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