Art and media are vital components of this project as we develop liberatory visions and seek to make social justice ideas, theories and practices broadly accessible. The Portal Project considers art in varied forms an important catalyst for change. Art not only inspires and informs us, art can provoke us to think more deeply and creatively about the possibilities for social change. For this reason, artists are an important part of our work and vision. Arts fellows will work with us to expand and illuminate the social justice work we are engaged in. View some of the ongoing projects they have created.


The Justice Music Suite

The Justice Music Suite is a three-part series of music and film interventions based on the Portal Project themes of abolition, climate justice, and economic democracy. Created in collaboration with Taína Asili, 2021-22 Artist in Residence the Justice Music Suite, is a creative exploration into the various concepts and questions that arise within the think tank.



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