This year’s Social Justice Initiative is connecting the Portal Project to the campus by encouraging UIC faculty to invite the Margaret Burroughs Community Activist Fellows to UIC’s classrooms this Spring semester. The fellows are respected activists, organizers, writers and strategists engaged in various types of social justice work.

So far we’re connecting at least eight Burroughs Fellows working on immigration, technology and policing, racial justice, worker rights, environmental justice sectors to classrooms across campus. Our community fellows will speak to classes at the UIC School of Law, College of Applied Health and Sciences, College of Public Health, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

This is a way to democratize learning and invite individuals with unique areas of expertise and hands on experience to engage, share, and debate with our students. We are excited for the conversations and learning that will occur.

To request fellows:

  • Select any names that you would like to know more about or have within your classroom.
  • Email the Portal Project staff member, Bettina Johnson at [email protected] for more information and to schedule visits to your classroom.


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