Abolitionist Organizer

Dissenters, Black Abolitionist Network

Asha Ransby-Sporn is an abolitionist organizer currently serving as the co-director of organizing at Dissenters, an anti-militarist organization of young people. She is a co-founder of BYP100, a Black Queer Feminist movement organization, where she served in both local and national leadership. As a college student, Asha helped launch and lead a campaign called Columbia Prison Divest which was the first successful campaign to get a U.S. university to financially divest from the private prison industry. In 2014, she was a part of the We Charge Genocide youth delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, where she testified on police-perpetrated violence in Chicago. Asha also sits on the steering committee for a citywide campaign to defund the Chicago Police Department launched by the Black Abolitionist Network.


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