Writer, Journalist, Organizer

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

São Paulo, Brazil

Christiane Gomes is a journalist and organizer based in São Paulo, Brazil, dedicated to working with social movements and civil society organizations. Gomes is the project coordinator and writer for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Brazil where she develops projects and publications that engage Black feminisms, Black women’s movements and other aspects of Black liberation movements. Gomes collaborated with Bianca Santana in the publication of Vozes Insurgentes de Mulheres Negras (Insurgent Voices of Black Women), a collection of texts by Black Brazilian women from the 18th century to the first decade of the 21st century, which was published in 2019. Gomes is currently working on the production of the upcoming book Afrolatin Insurgent Voices, a collection of texts by Black women from Latin America, as well as the forthcoming The Radical Political Imagination of Black Women and the series of comics Young Marielle. Gomes’s writing on Black artistic and political movements has appeared in Raça Brasil, one of the main publications aimed at the Black population in Brazil, the cultural publication Continente, and the Sem Terra newspaper, where she served as editor for five years.

Gomes has worked with Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, one of the largest mass social movements in Latin America which was formed by rural workers to fight for land reform and against injustice and social inequities in rural areas. Gomes has organized convenings of activists from the Black movement at the MST’s Florestan Fernandes National School in São Paulo, as well as a meeting with Brazilian parliamentarians and Black feminists, including Marielle Franco’s family.

Gomes is committed to amplifying the work and knowledge production of other Black women. Gomes collaborates with the National Network of Black Women in Politics, which supports Trans and cisgendered Black women to organize and participate in electoral politics, inspired by the work of Marielle Franco. Gomes is a member of the African and Afro-Brazilian percussion and dance group Ilú Obá de Min.


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