M. Adams

Community Organizer, Co-Executive Director at the Movement for Black Lives

Movement for Black Lives, Freedom Inc., Take Back the Land Movement

Executive with the Movement 4 Black Lives. Born and raised in Milwaukee, in a community frequently targeted by police, gendered based violence and other forms of violence, Adams knows the impacts of such violence all too well. Being a survivor compels Adams’ work as a prison abolitionist and a radical Black queer GNC feminist organizer. These commitments also fuel her to build her own family, as she is a proud dad and hubby, and she sees her family as the primary motivator for her work.  

As a queer Black person and a movement scientist, Adams thinks critically about power, oppression, and movement building and regularly applies and tests her intersectional approach in diverse arenas. Adams has been a leading figure in WI politics as the Co-Executive Emeritus of Freedom, Inc., and the Take Back the Land Movement. Additionally, she has presented before the United Nations for the Convention on Eliminating Racial Discrimination, she is a co-author of the book Forward from Ferguson and a paper on Black community control over the police in the Wisconsin Law Review, and she authored an important piece of intersectional theory called, “Why Killing Unarmed Black Folks is a Queer Issue.” Adams can regularly be seen in person, on local and national TV, and in the newspapers giving presentations, testifying at city council meetings, and energizing crowds at protests. She can also be seen at local dog parks with her pack.

Pronouns: she/he/they


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