Assistant Professor of African American Studies

Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC

Georgetown University

Rosemary Ndubuizu is an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Georgetown University. Dr. Ndubuizu is an interdisciplinary scholar who studies how housing policies are shaped by race, gender, political economy, and ideology. She is currently completing her first manuscript entitled The Undesirable Many. Her manuscript examines D.C.’s post-1960s affordable housing market and politics to illustrate how numerous political and economic actors use negative discourse about low-wage black women and their families’ domestic lives to enact involuntary displacement, defend gentrification, and entrench the city’s affordable housing shortage.. By highlighting low-wage black women’s political perspectives and experiences of socio-political marginalization, The Undesirable Many ultimately engenders critical discussions about tenant activist strategies, backlash politics, and (anti-welfare) governance regimes in the post-civil rights era. Originally from Inglewood, CA, Dr. Ndubuizu relocated to the Bay Area to complete her undergraduate studies at Stanford University. In 2006, she relocated once again to D.C. and eventually became a community organizer with Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC, which is a D.C.-based community organization that organizes long-time Washingtonians of color to campaign for more local and federal investments in affordable housing and living-wage jobs. To complete her graduate studies, she enrolled into Rutgers University’s Women’s and Gender Studies.


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