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Professor Regina Freer first joined the faculty of Occidental College in 1996 and teaches in the Politics Department and is an Affiliated Faculty in the Black Studies and Urban and Environmental Studies Programs. She has a BA from UC Berkeley and an MA and PhD from the University of Michigan. Her research and teaching interests include race and politics, demographic change, urban politics and planning, and the intersection of all of these in Los Angeles in particular.

Her published work includes The Next Los Angeles: The Struggle for a Livable City, “ L.A. Race Woman: Charlotta Bass and the Complexities of Black Political Development in Los Angeles,” and “Towards a Womanist Leadership Praxis: The History and Promise of Black Grassroots/Electoral Partnerships in California.”

She serves as chair of the board of the LA Black Worker Center and spent 8 years on the Los Angeles City Planning Commission where she served as Vice President. 


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